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Utility Bill Management

Craft’s bill processing and payment services can help you manage and control virtually all your facility-related expenses.


How We Help

Utility Bill Management

We receive, validate, pay, and report on many different service types including these, for example:

  • Audit and allocation of invoices

  • Monitor for variance and bill errors

  • Invoice consolidation and bill payment

  • Bill dispute management

  • Moves, adds, changes, and


  • Reports and business intelligence

  • Reduction of labor costs

  • Contract Maintenance

  • Natural Gas

  • Water

  • Electric

  • Propane

  • Landscaping

  • Waste

We specialize in a full range of utility bill management to provide support for all of our clients.


Not only do we take invoice management off your hands we also deliver detailed, custom-built accounting files directly to your accounting system. Our clients’ accounting requirements vary widely, as do their accounting systems, but one thing is consistent: your accounting rules will not need to change. And our commitment to accuracy is strong.

  • Costs allocated per your requirements – at any level of detail

  • Real-time or near real-time visibility into invoice status and scheduled and historical payments

  • Transparency to the payment process

  • Handling of vendors’ invoice-related inquiries



Say Goodbye To...

  • Overpayments

  • Rogue Spending

  • Surplus services

  • Out-of-market rates

  • Inventory hassles

  • Billing headaches

  •  Hours dealing with service providers

Hear From Our Clients

There are few companies or resources that I can ask to handle an issue and do not require follow-up. I can comfortably say, "I have asked Craft Enterprises to handle it.", and know it has been handled and updated

P. Cipollina, Vice President

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